J Pearce "Springdale" & Co


supervised horse agistment at affordable rates



“Springdale” provides quality agistment in the beautiful Martindale Valley where horses can relax and enjoy being horses, whether spelling, breeding, growing out naturally or retiring and enjoying a well earned rest. 

Current long term paddock agistment rates* as at 1st January 2011 are as follows: 

Children's Ponies

  From $4.50 per day + GST
Dry Mares & Geldings   From $4.50 per day + GST
Pregnant Brood Mares   From $5.50 per day + GST
Mares with Foals   From $12.00 Incl. Feed per day + GST
Weanlings   From $5.50 per day + GST
Yearling Fillies   From $5.50 per day + GST
Yearling Colts   From $5.50 per day + GST
2 Year Old Colts   From $9.00 per day + GST
Racehorse Spelling   From $9.00 Inc.Feed per day + GST

Rates are subject to change and do not include extras such as hand feeding, worming, hoof trimming and veterinary services.